Spring is coming!

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April 12, 2013 by Summersend

I can hardly wait for spring to finally arrive. Don’t get me wrong I love winter, but I am aching to get out in the garden and work on the yard. Both, however, are currently under about a foot and a half of snow still. It is melting fairly rapidly, bit not quick enough for me.

I have spent the last few weeks getting my garden ball planned out, and ordering my seeds. They arrived a few days ago, it was like Christmas. We are adding 6 more beds to the garden this year. That will increase my planting space by almost a third. It is going to be a great year.

Last year as an experiment, we planed a bunch of corn. To my surprise (not my husbands though . . ) it actually produced quite well. Unfortunately we were a couple of weeks late getting it planted, and that showed up in September when we had lots of 3/4 ready ears of corn. So we are going to give it another shot this year, as well as trying out some soy beans. Should be interesting.

The farm is in full swing! We are on baby watch for the next month or so. I can hardly wait for them all to start arriving. We should have BFL lambs, alpine goat kids, French lop bunnies, blue Orpington chicks, wild turkey chicks, and maybe even some puppies arriving in the next few months. We are also bringing in 4 more Weiner pigs as well. It is an exciting time for sure.

Keep checking back I will post pictures as they start appearing.


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