Halloween 2012

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November 6, 2012 by Summersend

I know it has come and gone but Halloween in our house was a fun night this year. I worked like mad getting their costumes sewn and put together in time for the big day, but it all worked out in the end.


Aurora chose to be the Tangled version of Rapunzel. We made a pretty dress out of purple satin, complete with lace trim and lacing up the front. Her hair was created out of yellow yarn, a head band and some hair combs. I individually looped strands of yarn around a head band, attached a braid to cover up the band, braided up the long hair and Aurora glued on all the flowers. We attached a couple of hair combs to hook it on to her head. She found it a bit heavy so she carried it around on her shoulder most of the time.

Here is my inspiration: how do you think I did?


Saxon is totally in love with Lord of the Rings – both the books and the movies – so of course his choice was to be Legolas from the trilogy. We had a long blonde wig that I pulled back into a messy braid as per the movie version of Legolas. We spray painted a toy bow and six arrow brown and glued on feathers. The arrows were held in converted Pringles can that had been modge podged with dirty, leather looking paper and wrapped with an old belt to be held over his shoulder. His cloak was made from dark brown corduroy and tunic from a mottled flannel (both fabrics came in handy as it was -16 Halloween night.)

Here is the I inspiration for his costume, how do you think I did on this one?

I am extremely proud of how both of them came out. These will be added to the dress up bin along with many of the costumes I have put together over the years. Costumes like a Saber Tooth Tiger, (still a favorite), Indiana Jones, a Knight,  the Tooth Fairy, and of course the 16 month old Saxon’s Todd Bertuzi / Canucks hockey player costume. I love letting the kids pick and design their own costumes. Such fun!


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