Unmounting all my wood stamp sets

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September 27, 2012 by Summersend

ImageAs I have said a few times, my craft room is a bit small. Okay so I know I am lucky to have a room to use as a craft room, but to be honest, our kids share a bedroom so that we have the space for it. The room itself is 8ft x 8ft at the most and it houses my craft/sewing table and a large corner computer desk for my husband. There is space in the center of the room for a rolly chair to sit and turn from my desk to the computer desk. We have installed shelving on two walls up to the ceiling above each of our desks to add storage. We even removed the closet doors and filled the closet with shelving to hold all our STUFF!

Now think of how much space packaged wood stamps can take up. I am sure you can imagine how crowded things are getting for me. I have been thinking for some time that I should either downsize the stamp collection, or find a better way to store them. Today I was surfing through some stamping sites and came across this great tutorial for unmounting all those wood sets and storing them into the much more compact DVD size cases. I AM IN LOVE! I am going to get started on this very soon. What a great way to conserve space! Check it out.

Paper Chrome: Unmounting Tutorial: Non-EZFoam alternative.


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