Seasonal Changes

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September 13, 2012 by Summersend

I am sitting here this morning looking out at the hills. Over the last week or so the trees have been slowly turning from summer green to a bright autumn yellow. Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the smells, the colors, and the fresh air. I think the part I like the most is the cool, crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It is so refreshing.

This year we are having some fantastic weather. Our winter was fairly mild, the summer was warm, even bordering on too hot, and has been stretching into the fall. I am absolutely loving it.

Along with the seasonal changes, have come some changes on the home front as well. The first being my decision to stay home rather than return to work this fall. I am a teacher and usually the last few weeks of summer are spent setting up my classroom, planning for the year and getting ready to welcome a new group of 30 students into my life. I have taught at the same school for the last 6 years, and have even taught some of the kids that were coming up to me this year. It was a very hard decision! Trust me a lot of sleepless nights in the making. I feel totally comfortable with my choice. I will have more time with my own kids, my animals, and to get caught up on the little things that are always left when I have other things on my mind.

The next change was not really a surprise, it has been coming for a while, but my husband decided this week to change jobs. He has always worked in the oil field trucking industry, but has been working in the office for the last 5 years. Prior to that he drove both Bed truck and Tractor Trailer trucks to move oil/gas rigs from one lease to another. After some thought, he decided that he had been working long enough behind a desk and found a position that will take him back to driving. He starts his new job today, and I wish him luck!

So, with the kidos back in school, me at home alone and my husband starting a new job we are going through a lot of changes. I am excited about our future, and look forward to seeing where all these changes take us. Have you ever made some really big life changes all at once? What were the outcomes? Was it for the best? I hope so! Wish us luck on our journey.



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