Blue Orpington Chickens

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September 10, 2012 by Summersend

If you have checked me out on Facebook you will probably already know; I am so excited to announce that Summersend Farm is now the proud owner of a breeding flock of Blue Orpington Chickens!

The same farm that contacted me about the bunnies I wrote about the other day, also asked me if I would be interested in purchasing this flock. She really did not want to part with it, but did not have another choice. I was, again, happy to take them on.  They are a beautiful bird, with large fluffy tails and gorgeous coloring. As with many breeds, this heritage breed of chicken is quite rare and I feel pretty privileged to have the opportunity to breed these birds.

Currently the flock consists of two roosters and 7 hens. A couple of the hens are last years birds and the rest are from this spring’s hatch. I can’t wait to start getting some eggs out of these girls. The roosters are a very handsome dark grey (blue) coloring, some of the hens are this same dark grey, others are a lighter grey with specks of dark (splash) coloring and the others are black. So pretty!

I will be hatching new chicks as well as selling fertilized eggs for incubating in the near future. Please keep checking back in to see the progress of this flock. I am sure we are going to have some wonderful results.


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