Mystery Chickie

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September 9, 2012 by Summersend

I was out the other day picking up a few new animals to bring home to our little farm (I know, I know seems to be an ongoing story for me these days) and there, at the farm that I was visiting, they had found a little tiny chick in the coop that morning. Now, they are in the process of moving, and the owner felt she could not take the time to deal with a new born chick right now, so she asked me to take it. I was thrilled, it is so fun to watch little chicks develop, not to mention watch as my kids experience it developing too. I was happy to take it.

The little bundle of yellow fluff road home on the front seat of my truck, in an old Folgers Coffee container, peeping the whole way. I made it a nice little brooder out of a rubbermaid bin, a towel and some newspaper, and put in under a heat lamp in my bathtub. It started eating and drinking right away. The kids check on it about every three minutes, pick it up, love it and even play games with it (trust me this has been discouraged, but they just can’t seem to leave it alone). All seems to be going well.

Over the next few weeks I plan to keep you posted on how it is doing. It is a bit of a mystery as to what type of chickie it is actually. The father is an Ameracana, but we don’t know which hen hatched. So, mystery chickie it is. Follow along and see if we can find out more about it, and watch it develop and grow.

Saxon and Aurora with mystery chickie at about 8 hours old


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