French Lop Rabbits


September 8, 2012 by Summersend


This is the friendly, young buck we got from her. His name is Funny Bunny.

I had a interesting email the other day. The farm that I had purchased one of our wonderful bunnies  from is having to move, and they were wondering if I might be interested in taking a few more bunnies. How could I say no?





We love our bunnies. It was so hard to decide, I really wanted to take them all! In the end I had to choose just three (although I may take on a fourth, still deciding on that one, she is my bucks mom.)

This is Lola. She is a super soft, Chinchilla Colored doe. She is really friendly, even runs to the door for us to pet her.

This is our Chestnut Doe, Bun Bun. She is a bit shy, but the kids love her.









They are all pedigreed, show quality bunnies (if you were interested in doing showing), although they would also make wonderful pets. So, yesterday we welcomed home a few more fluffy friends for our French Lops. Here are a few pics of our new additions.


This is our new buck, Snowball. He is a cousin to our current, orange buck. Isn’t he handsome! Can’t wait to see him once he is grown.


This is our new doe, Ginger. She is a beautiful orange. We are going to breed her with Snowball. Can’t wait to see what kinds of colors we get.


Here is our new, young doe, Beauty. I love her broken coloring. She is so gentle. Isn’t she gorgeous!


2 thoughts on “French Lop Rabbits

  1. kellymcmichael says:

    What do you do with your rabbits? We are getting some in the next month for 4-H showing and manure but I expect they will end up on the table at some point. Just curious about your goals with your bunnies.

    • Well, we have a few goals for our bunnies. The kids have always wanted bunnies as pets, so these ones are pets. They are also being used for breeding. The kids take care of them and will share in the profits from the sale of the babies. Lets face it though, if we can’t sell the babies, we can not keep them all so yes, some will end up in the freezer I am sure. (I know that some people may have mixed feelings about that, I am leaving that part up to my husband) I am not sure if we will show the bunnies, but they are all pedigreed and good show quality. It will depend on what direction the kids decide they want to go with them.

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