A bit of time for the Family.


September 5, 2012 by Summersend

Last week we were invited by a co-worker of Cameron’s to go out camping for the long weekend. It has been such a busy summer here on our little farm that we decided to take them up on the offer. A weekend of family time and fun sounded like just what we needed. Boy was it ever! We had fantastic time.

On Thursday we headed out into the hills about 2 hours from home to where the Halfway River meets the Graham River. Yes, it is a wilderness area, not your typical, provincial park campground. We set up camp with our group on an old gravel pit, surrounded by gorgeous, tall trees and nature. Such a beautiful place. I had never been back there and it was amazing!

He loves his quad!


Friday we headed out quadding. It was a super fun day. With Cam’s co-worker leading the way we found mud holes, crossed beaver dams, got stuck in the muskeg and just had a great time with some really nice people. It was a very long day of quadding as we did not get back to camp until after dark. Totally worth it though. The kids were exhausted, Aurora went straight to bed with Saxon not far behind.

Ya, he got a bit muddy






Cam getting stuck in the Muskeg

Saturday I stayed back at camp as I had to run home to check on all the animals, and we did not know how long the day would be. So, Saxon and I hung around camp. I read my book by the fire, he dug in the hills and collected rocks. He and I did head out exploring some of the trails around the camp with him on his little quad and me on one we borrowed from friends. It was a nice, quiet day. Cam and Aurora also had a great day on the trail. They crossed rivers, rode along washed out banks and hit a few mud holes as well. All in all a lovely day.

Aurora and Keltie

That night we discovered that newer trailers (we had borrowed ours) have little quirks that our older camper did not have. . . . . It all started in the middle of the night when all of a sudden an alarm started going off. Cam pealed out of bed to find out what was happening. After a bit of searching he found the source of the sound – it was a low battery warning – but we could not figure out how to turn it off. Trust me, no-one was sleeping with that alarm going off. In the end, Cam just pulled the fuze. YAY! Back to bed we go. Then all of a sudden we hear this loud ticking, over and over and over. I got up this time, it was coming from the furnace, plus the fridge had turned off. OYE – now what! Luckily it was an easy fix, turned the furnace off (Yes, it was a chilly night after that) and pressed the button to start the fridge and all was well. YAY! Thanks to the friends we were with, we were able to hook up a generator for the following day and charge everything back up. It all worked just fine after that, but not much sleep was had that night.

What a view!

Sunday was another day of quadding. It was a much easier day of riding than Friday was, for me anyway. We played in a few mud holes, bumped over trees, climbed up hills and rode out into the wilderness. There were some amazing views of the valley once we got to the top. Such a beautiful place to explore. We got in much earlier that day and actually had time to sit and enjoy the fire for a bit. The kids even started their own little ‘mini-fire’. It was so fun. They even told ‘spooky stories’ to each other.

The kids Mini-Fire














Hiking into Fossil Falls

Monday was our last day. We had a nice slow morning, ate bacon and eggs and tidied up camp. Our son, Saxon is a huge dinosaur nut, always has been and I am sure always will be, so we decided to take a side trip a little further into the hills to visit Fossil Falls before heading home. It was about 40km further down the road, but so worth the drive. It is a gorgeous, hidden spot,

Climbing, such a happy boy!

reminded me of trails Cam and I have hiked on Vancouver Island. The sun was just right, the trees huge, moss covering the ground, what a special place. The kids had so much fun finding fossils and just exploring. Neither of them wanted to leave, we will be going back there for sure!

What a place!


















All in all, we had a fantastic family weekend of fun. I was happy to be home with all my animals, but I am so glad we took the time to go. It is important to have some fun now and then too.

My wonderful husband, I am so lucky.


One thought on “A bit of time for the Family.

  1. That looked like a lot of ” good clean fun”. He was always attracted to mud, and it looks like Saxon has followed.Aurora looks like she will soon be in the middle of the mud bath too. Deanna you missed a chance for a mud facial.

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