My Fall Project has Arrived!


August 30, 2012 by Summersend

I am a bit ADD when it comes to crafting. I love everything about making handmade items: gifts, decorations, useful gadgets, you name it! I tend to dabble in many areas. I love quilting, paper crafts, stamping, sewing, card making, knitting, painting, and many other things.

My first love is quilting, however when we downsized our house a few years ago and I just did not have the space I once had; if you are a quilter you know it takes up A LOT of space. That said, I do have a beautiful, king size quilt underway, I am hoping to get it done this winter.

My next love has always been paper crafts. I make a lot of cards and fun gifts. Paper takes up quite a bit less space than quilting. My husband may not agree with that though, when he looks at the shelves and shelves of stamps, ribbon, envelopes, dies and cutters that go along with it.

In a quest to find a creative outlet the did not take much space, and could easily be put away when not in use, I followed in my mothers footsteps and took up knitting again. I did quite a bit of knitting when I was younger. I think I started when I was about 8 or 9. As a teen I knit a blanket (that I still have), a sweater (that I also still have), and a few smaller gift type things, but I always maintained that knitting was “my mom’s thing.” I started back in with making socks, then I did a few togues, and moved on up to sweaters and other larger, but kid sized, items. I have actually become quite good at it. And the nicest part, it fits in a bag beside the couch!

Last spring I decided, after making numerous pairs of socks, toques and sweaters for our family members and friends, that I should really make something for my wonderful husband. The poor guy, I drug him to the yarn store (also known as my moms studio) to choose some yarn. He stood there staring glassy eyed at all the balls and skeins on the shelves. I would hand him one kind, then another, but nothing was catching his eye.

Eventually, I gave up trying to choose one off the shelves and handed him over to my mom. She got out her big book of samples and set to work. After just a few minutes they had picked out a couple of options. One was a beautiful, heather toned Gallway, the other a lovely, natural looking dark brown Tekapo. Ultimately, in the end we chose the Tekapo.

Next, I forced him to sit through a rather extensive search on, to find just the right pattern. We wanted one that was not too fussy, or detailed, but that was more than just a plain sweater with ribbed cuffs and bottom. In the end we found a couple that fit the bill. In the end, since I am the one actually making this sweater, I chose a nice pattern from Lion Brand. Here is the pattern I chose.

(Picture from Lion Brand Yarn Website)

As the spring and summer progressed I didn’t really think about it much. Then the other day I realized that Mom had not mentioned the yarn arriving. . . . . So I asked her about it. She was going to put in another order right away, and added mine to it as well. Today, it has arrived! I am so excited to get started.

I will post my progress on this project. It is probably one of the bigger projects I have taken on! So please check back and see how I am doing.


One thought on “My Fall Project has Arrived!

  1. Lea Wisdom says:

    I undertook a sweater, but first I spun the wool. Well October birthday came, Christmas came, and finally the second October Birthday came and John got his Jacob fishermen s sweater.
    Hope you get your done in time.

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