My Garden – Year 2


August 27, 2012 by Summersend

Cherries on our new cherry tree

Last year we spent much of the spring building and getting a garden area carved out of our fairly rough back yard. You see our yard is basically just an area behind our house that we had a man come and bulldoze the trees out of and into a pile. This left behind a number of ruts and logs etc, however it did clear away all the little, closely spaced poplars that were in the way.

Yummy Raspberries

We took our time choosing the spot for the garden; a place that would get good sun, but not too hot. We found the perfect spot, it was time to decide what type of garden it would be. There are so many options out there! Raised bed, container, your basic in the ground, oh the possibilities! One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted it to be BIG!

After much thought, we chose to go with raised beds for most of it, but to leave some of the area as the usual in ground type. We found a good deal on 4×6 rough cut timbers to use for the beds. Then the rains came. It rained, and rained, and rained. Our yard sits at the bottom of a hill and the run off just flows right through it. The perfectly chosen garden plot was basically a pond!

It took us until the middle of June, when the rains finally gave us a break, to get the beds in and finally planted. We were about 3 weeks behind what is usual for our area, but at least it was in. So glad we put in the work, because the rains started again! It rained for most of July as well, good for watering, not so good when you have plans for landscaping and farm projects on your mind. . . .

Potato Patch coming along – in Mid July

Our biggest Potato Plant in Mid July

Beans! So happy this year

August finally brought about some summer weather for us. I was able to get out in the garden more, and I was really happy with how it looked. I had fresh peas, snap beans, carrots, cabbages, onions, potatoes and a few zucchinis growing quite happily. We were able to pick enough peas to freeze a few bags, and even had some beans to freeze as well. I had good supply of potatoes and carrots in the pantry, and a bunch of cabbage in the fridge. Not to shabby for a first year garden. I was pretty happy.

Swiss Chard and Peas – Mid July

This year brought on Year 2 of my garden. Boy, I was happy with last years attempt, but this year is another story altogether. My garden is amazing!. We have had a BEAUTIFUL summer, warm, sunny and great for being outdoors. Only a little bit of rain, but maybe not enough. We added a few more beds this year, and have plans to add some more for next year (I have put in a request for them to be done for my birthday in October so I can fill them and have them ready for spring.) We even tried a few different veggies this year. Cam had his heart set on Corn, I tried out some Kolrabi, brussel sprouts and pumpkins, just for fun. A few more fruit trees were added to the mix as well. We already had two apple trees and two apricot trees. We added two plumb trees, two cherry trees and a couple or cherry shrubs. The yard and garden are really coming together. If only I could beat the clover and get my grass in.

Here are some pictures of my wonderful garden – Year 2.

Pumpkins – I sure hope they turn orange!

Summer Squash



The Corn is flowering


The same potato plant as above – Mid August now

I have plenty more pictures to share, so be sure to check back as the season comes to a close here in Northern BC. (You can see in the back ground that we have a great crop of clover this year, uggh!)

I would love to hear the story of your garden? How did it do this year? Do you have any secrets you might want to share?


One thought on “My Garden – Year 2

  1. Lea Wisdom says:

    You have made an excellent showing for your work. One little trick Jim taught me for sewing small seeds like carrots and it worked with beets too. Mix seed with sand and flout. The sand cuts down the number of seeds you sew and the flour shows you where the seeds are. Cameron’S Grandmother was an excellent gardener.

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