Letting the Light In.

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August 21, 2012 by Summersend

How did you spend your weekend? I spent mine ‘letting the light in.’

For the past two years I have been dreaming of being able to sit on our couch and enjoy the view of our back yard and garden. Our house has just two small windows that overlook our back yard, and our amazing view. One of the windows is over my kitchen sink. It is a slider that slides up and down. The bar across the center of the window falls directly at my eye level. I either have to stand on a chair to see out of the top of it, or crouch down and squint through the screen to see the back yard. The second window is in our small, cramped office space. I have to walk down the hall, scale boxes and lean over computer and craft supplies in order to see out into the yard. With this in mind, we spent our weekend rectifying the situation.

Our living room has one, very long, very white wall that tends to close off the room and makes it feel quite dark. From the moment we purchased our home we knew we were going to make some changes to this wall, it just took us a bit of time to get around to it.

A few weeks ago I was surfing the classifieds and came across a FANTASTIC deal on a set of patio doors. They are the type with one door that swings and have a fixed window on the other side. They are glass from top to bottom and have a track to put in a sliding screen door (have to combat the flies and mosquitoes somehow). I immediately sent Cam to pick them up. When he brought them home, I discovered they were even better than I had expected. Solid wood with hinges that allow the door to open all the way and lay flat against the window side. They are awesome. On Saturday my parents came out to help install them.

First we removed all the trim from the wall, and carefully took down the drywall where the door would go. Luckily our walls covered with paneling and we were able to just remove two panels and reuse them later.

Next we pulled out all the insulation (yuck, terrible itchy stuff)

Then came the fun part. Creating the hole to the outside world.

Finally we raised the doors into place. That was an interesting event as they are VERY heavy and the opening is about 4ft off the ground! We backed our pickup up to the hole in the wall outside, and lifted them up.

The light has been let in! Check out that view. The transformation is amazing. We are able to see our yard, some of our animals, the garden and sit on the couch and enjoy the view of the lake valley. The best part is the amount of light it lets in. Our living room feels twice as big and is so much brighter. I absolutely love the change it has made.

We are planning a nice big deck to be built sometime in the future. Hopefully by next summer so we can enjoy our morning coffee outside.



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