Ah, Hunting Season . . . . and my Husband the ‘Great White Hunter’

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August 18, 2012 by Summersend

Well, that was interesting!

Yesterday Cam told me he was going to “go for a walk” in the morning. That is his code for “I am going to get up really early, dress up in all my camo gear, strap on my binoculars, sling my rifle over my shoulder and walk around in the bush for a few hours to see what animals I can find” Now, trust me, this is par for the course during hunting season. So there I am sleeping soundly, and CRAAAABBANNNNNNNGGGGGG! Once I had pealed myself off the ceiling, made sure I was still breathing, realized that I was still in my bed, my house was still standing, and I did actually hear something I decided I should go investigate. . . . . I got out of bed, went to the door, and there is Cameron Lea standing on the other side of it, looking through his binoculars. . . . apparently his ‘walk’ took him precisely one step out the front door, and Mother Nature presented him with a rather large Bull moose right there on our driveway. I suggested that that wasn’t exactly the way I would choose to be woken up in the future and went back to bed. . . . hehehe.


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