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August 17, 2012 by Summersend

This summer has been a summer of new additions for us. When we first chose and purchased our property three years ago, my husband and I had slightly differing views as to what we would do with it. Right from the beginning of our search we had opposing ideas. He, being not so much a city boy but definitely not a farm boy either, was not sure about country living to begin with; not to mention country living where we get -40C and colder winters. I, having grown up on a small farm, knew that a rural/country life was what I wanted for our kids and ourselves for that matter. Our search started with me wanting about 10 to 20 acres, enough for a few animals (especially horses) and a garden. Cam, once he had come around, wanted as much land as we could get because and I quote “. . . they aren’t making any more of it . . . ” We ultimately ended up with a quarter section of mostly treed land 20km from Fort St. John BC. That is right, no house or services, we started from scratch. Now that is a quite the leap from 10 acres and a husband with reservations to 160 acres of trees!

Our journey began the following spring when we started clearing land for our house site, putting in the driveway, digging a well, setting up a sewer system and basically making it liveable. During that time we divided our lives between work, kids, house sitting for friends and the property. We even lived in our 10ft truck camper for a few weeks. Boy, am I glad it was just a few weeks, imagine having a 3 and 6 year old, 2 cats and a 100 pound dog crammed in there! By the time we were able to move in, we were just happy to finally be living on our land. I will admit I spent most of the summer sitting in a lawn chair reading, listening to the birds and watching the kids play in the sun. As fall arrived that year we started the building of our shop, that ended up rather larger than originally planned, it is nice to have the space though. Needless to say that was a busy year of planning and building.

Our first winter passed with no real issues to worry about. I had been dreaming all winter of filling the land with animals and a beautiful garden. My husband was on a slightly different page as he was thinking that the local wildlife, the elk, deer, moose, coyotes etc, would be plenty in the way of animals. . . . We spent the spring getting a few raised beds set up in what will, one day, be a fairly large garden. Then I turned my attention to animals. We had already added another cat and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to our mix, but I wanted larger, more farm-like animals. As I mentioned earlier, horses were first on my mind. By August I had found the perfect horse for me, a super quiet, sweet eyed, LARGE bay quarter horse named Joe, and as an added bonus he came along with a cute little Shetland Pony named Cotton for my daughter. Our foray into livestock had begun!

By this spring, having survived a winter with some livestock, my husband had come around. He was ready to start adding more. It all started with the addition of a beautiful Welsh Pony named Minnie. Then, later in the spring, came two alpine goats named Princess and Betzy. We have been promising the kids they could get rabbits, so we soon added three French Lop Bunnies named Lola, Bun Bun, and Funny Bunny. Upon doing a lot of research Cameron, my husband, decided that pigs would be a good idea, so we added a rather large sow named Paris Hilton. I added another Alpine goat named Latte, she will be my milk goat come spring time. The end of July brought us three Blue Faced Leicester cross sheep, a ram and two ewes, named Ramathorn, Lamb Chop and Sheepy. I also took on 4 roosters part way through July. At that point we said enough was a enough for one year. But. . . . . . then I came across an ad for three more goat kids. . . . . how could we say no! So we added this week three 1/4 Nubian 3/4 alpine eight week old goat babies. They are ADORABLE!

So that is our story of new additions this year. Keep checking back as I ad some pictures of our little zoo over the next few weeks.



Our Three Goat kids – Buck, Thor and Edith


Our Ram – Ramathorn


My daughters pony – Cotton


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  1. lovely story, well done.

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